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When Anger is Not Anger

Repeatedly, I tell people anger is an emotion just as all of the other emotions God has blessed us with and we seem to manage most of them just fine. For instance, when we are happy, we smile without hesitation.  When we are bothered, we frown and no one gets injured.  Even when we are anxious, we may wring our… Read more →


ADHD or Not???   In 20 years of working with families, this is one of the most common self-diagnosed issues I have faced.  Parents have received information from unprofessional sources and determined their child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder.  I, myself, was told my two year old toddler robust boy had ADHD when he jumped on… Read more →

Back To School


Parents, how often have you gotten to the middle of the school year and complained of how unorganized your child is in managing daily responsibilities?

No need to cite statistics or national norms regarding the developmental struggles of youth to adapt to daily tasks during the school year after being “free” for three months.  All you need to know is there is help available to your family.

Schedule an appointment for your family to identify and address some of the pitfalls your youth have had in previous years and develop a course of action to offset those problems this year.

We are able to you with six sessions at no cost to your family.

Call today to inquire and get your family scheduled.


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