Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling

We have many teens who visit our office who often lament that they are unable to speak with their parents about their problems.  Many times, it is not because their parents would fuss or criticize. However, it is because they do not want to disappoint their parents or they do not want to burden their parents.

Parents, continue to be just as diligent with your teens as you were when they were toddlers.  You listened to hear if they would cry in the middle of the night.  You noticed if they were not as playful in the living room floor as normally.  You even attended to their eating habits hen they were small and not as verbal.  Those same cues you had for your toddlers are the ones you can use with your teens.

Has the sleeping habit changed?

Has the level of sleep changed?

Are the eating habits different? Too much or not enough?

Don’t wait until the big signs happen; self-injury, suicidal attempt, failing grades, or something else tragic.  Call today to schedule an appointment.  Most families qualify for our counseling services at  no cost to the family.


We can help you through our Family Tree Program.  Call today at 469-227-7847.