Anger Management

Anger Management Intensive Course

Register for Class Online or Call 469-227-7847 to register and pay cash at the door $125


1 Day Anger Management Course with a Certified Anger Management Trainer.

The trainer fully engages every participant to ensure optimal processing during the course.

It is specifically designed to identify, discuss, and resolve anger contributors which impede functional relations with others.

The primary goal is to move the participant out of a foundation of anger and into a foundation of cooperative behavior which supports healthy relationships.


The 8-hour intensive day is the same curriculum that is frequently taught over a seven to eight week time period.

The sessions are with small groups to ensure appropriate identification and addressing of issues.


The cost is $125.00 per participant.  Payment is required at the time of scheduling.

Payment is non-refundable but  rescheduling is allowed once.

A certificate of completion is given at the end of class.


Class Dates – Review the Event Calendar


8828 N. Stemmons Frwy. Suite 225

Dallas, TX  75247

Certified Anger Resolution Therapist

Trent Alexander Certified Anger Resolution Therapist




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