Licensed Professional Counselor Supervision LPC-S


Dr. Stacia’ Alexander, LPC-S

I have been in private practice since 1999 and worked in the mental health field in a private practice setting. The focus of my private practice work has been with a variety of ages including: children in play therapy, activity therapy, adolescents, pre-marital, couples, and individual counseling. I also serve as the Clinic Director at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas.

In counseling, I practice a model that has a foundation of a systems perspective with cognitive- behavioral techniques. I was a supervisor in the past and released the notation while working on my doctorate degree. I re-enstated the supervisor status in the Spring of 2018. I have supervised bachelor, master, and doctorate level mental health programs since 2010; counseling, psychology, and nurse practitioners.

My supervision style is direct and will be discussed in greater detail should you choose Positive Influences as your site. I believe in equipping clinicians with the skills necessary to help our communities transition from a fear of mental illness to an awareness of mental health. Students who do well here are those who have self-initiative and are open to working with people who would not normally seek professional counseling services. Positive Influences is a diverse practice inside and out; clinicians and clients. The students who come here appreciate the diversity in terms of clinicians and clients but also the presenting diagnoses and needs. It is a thriving practice with locations in Dallas and Grand Prairie. As well, I have working relationships with other entities in which students can acquire hours.

LPC-Supervision is a valuable experience for both the supervisor and the supervisee.  My fees include a group rate and an individual rate and I strictly abide by the LPC Board Rules of Supervision.


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Resources for LPC-Interns and Supervisors

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