Marriage Counseling Clinic

Dr. Alexander has an experienced team of professional psychologists, counselors, and case managers who understand the intricacy and balance necessary to have a healthy marriage.  Through her years of experience, she has developed a comprehensive marital counseling program designed to build and heal marriages.  And while there is a Divorce Recovery component, the mission of the clinic is to guide couples in understanding the core constructs necessary to have a healthy home.  If this is not possible, the Divorce Recovery module help couples navigate the process of separating the households.

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When the love settles in and the routine of life prevails, the personality of each mate begins to shine through to shape the frame of the marriage.  The hope is that the positive personality traits outweigh the negative and helps to support the frame in the household.  However, oftentimes, the strategies used as a single person do not fare the same in a marriage and need some adjustments.   Without the proper adjustment, the marital frame is strained leaving fractures in the foundation that make takes years to identify and repair.  
We spend years in our birth family and our chosen family prior to getting married which shapes our collaborative abilities.  Subsequently, we jump into marriage thinking our experiences are perfect for the other person with little expectation of agitation and conflict.  Understanding the interpersonal style of your mate helps to create harmony in the home.  
The external responsibilities of the couple can often have the most impact on the household.  How the finances are handled.  How professional responsibilities are handled.  Even how the social life is handled will effect the quality of the marriage.

Couples who treat this portion of the marriage just as important as the other areas, find they are more centered and happier over the long term.  


Marriage Clinic


Golden Module
Comprehensive Marriage Wellness Program designed to assess, identify, and develop constructs for a healthy marriage
$1450.00 (3 installments)


Silver Module
Marriage Wellness Program
$950.00 (3 installments)


Bronze Module
Marriage Counseling
$600.00 (2 installments)


Pre-marital Counseling
6 Sessions
$750.00 (2 installments)


Anger Management for Couples
1 Day Seminar


Marriage Workshop
1 Day Seminar


Divorce Resolution Therapy
Session Cost
$125.00 per hour